Teknofinsteel – Quality, Experience and Reliability

TeknofinSteel being located in Istanbul OSB ( Organized industrial Zone) is the designer’s and manufacturer’s  of PU Dispension (Sealing) Machinery and Metal Processing Lines. By thanking to the state of art innovations and new advance technologic implementations enhanced with efficient and effective engineering solutions on power distribution.

Our company has achieved to strengthen the company system organization and production infrastructure since 1988.

Ability and Know-How

Increasing productivity and quality with the help of growth in skill management and know-how are Teknofinsteel’s main chracteristic and feature. This progress is helped to secure the advantages of competition and brought an added value outcome for our customers.  

Being reputed with the great success in manufacturing high quality metal processing machinery and lines which is followed the same for the range of PU Dispension Machine, Roll Forming, ROBOSIM (Robotics) and CNC Center within the environment of extra ordinary R & D progress where the new vision and evolution are built up, Teknofinsteel brand has been a world-wide global brand.

Teknofinsteel is a dynamic reality in such a way to fulfil in customer’s requirement and need under innovative and quality solutions.

Vision and Mission
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